Welcome to Vetsy

The first Vet consult that has no back end agenda.

Vetsy came to life when the founder saw a friend take their dog to the vet in the middle of the night and was charged a couple hundred bucks just to be told it's something pretty simple..

He thought about how scandalous the market can be and how you can't trust anyones word because at the end of the day it just seems as if people want to run more tests and run up the bill. Not only that but you have to spend hours do it. Our pets deserve on demand care when they need it however they need it. It's time that people get a peace of mind when taking their pet to the vet, knowing that it is recommended by a vet from Vetsy that they should and that they aren't being ripped off by the local vet. We would like you to have a system you believe in where your pets, you, your time and your pocketbook are our main priorities. 

Vetsy is a system you can trust and a process you will enjoy.

How it Works

It's simple. Jump on a 5 minute recommendation call with a REAL vet to find out what they think is truly going on with your pet. At that point, given the recommendation and guidance of the vet you've spoken with, you can then decide to follow the vets instructions on things you can do before you take your pet to the vet, or just go ahead and take your pet into the vet and you will receive 20% off your total service by using one of our preferred vets (find under "Clinic Locations."